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Today is 74.07 f

at South Pointer Tower in south beach

building statistics

South Pointer Tower Essential Information

  • $875K-$3.0M


  • $1,365

    Avg price Sqft

  • 122

    Avg days on market

  • 1988

    construction year

  • 206

    total building units

  • 25

    total building stories

South Pointe Towers

South Pointe Towers in South Beach Essential Information

South Pointe Towers in South Beach is a resort-style oceanfront condominium located on the southern-most tip of Miami Beach. This website is designed to be a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in buying, selling or renting a luxury condominium in the South Pointe Towers in South Beach. It offers continuously updated listings showing all condos for sale and rent, as well as a comprehensive list of building amenities, floor plans, recent sales and more. Please review our real estate blog for information on topics like South Pointe Towers in South Beach pet policy and other matters governed by South Pointe Towers in South Beach Association, Inc.

South Pointer Tower

South Pointer Tower in South Beach Essential Information


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